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Happy Days are Here Again! 



Meet the 
Dawson Family:

The Dawson Family are the original owners and operators of Camp Generations.  We look forward to another GREAT season of Summer Camps and we would like to thank you for enrolling your child in Generations Summer Day Camp. This Summer we want to continue our AWESOME record of having safe, fun, nurturing programs in our day camps. As you know our camp are located in  Brooklyn, USA, the greatest borough in the state.  We have added new locations, new programs and new trips to our camp this season.

​This is our Parent Info Corner

The purpose of our Parent Corner is to provide you with important practical information about our camp, the ability to download the registration applications and get to know our Rules & Regulations of our programs so you can be fully informed about our policies.


Based on our current economy, each year we try to keep our fees at a reasonable rate for families to afford. There are EarlyBird Specials that starts from January of each year. 


All camp paid fees are non-refundable under any and all circumstances other than cancellation due to camper illness, which must be verified by a physician. No Refunds or “make up days” will be granted.


One of the great features that we have is "THERE IS NO CONTRACT". You pay as you go, you can take a week off and your slot will be available when you get back.

Campers are expected to attend Day Camp and all scheduled activities Monday- Friday. Campers may be excused for full of partial days upon phoned or written request by the parent to our Day Camp Office (917) 573-3921 or (917)543-5975.

In the interests of accounting for our children’s safety and location, every attempt will be made to notify parents by phone of any absence of which our office has not been informed. Please help both your child and Generations staff by informing our Day Camp office in advance if your child will not be attending camp on any given day.

The entire Day Camp will convene each morning at their camp site for assembly; all campers should be escorted in to their group in order to ensure that they have arrived safely, attendance will be taken at this time. Prompt arrival between 7:30 and 9:30am is important.

All campers will be dismissed from Generations between 5:00pm-7:00pm, please note that on special trips dismissal may be at a later time depending on traffic conditions that day, only the person(s) listed on the Emergency Contact Form can pick up your child. EVERY CAMPER MUST BE SIGNED IN WITH THEIR GROUP. COUNSELORS WILL HAVE DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INFORMATION 

If a person arrives to pick up your child and is not authorized to do so your child will be kept at the camp and late fees will be applied to your bill.

Late fees

All children are subject to late fees if campers are not picked up by dismissal time. The late  fees are $25 per day, this charge will show up with your balance on your next invoice, if parent refuse to pay the late fees or are frequently late the child will be dismissed from the program immediately.  

Trips and Outings
Generations Day Camp is a very active camp that covers a lot of grounds therefore promptness is very important in order to ensure that your child is able to participate in all our daily activities.
A calendar of all trips and events can be obtained at Generations program office at each site, The day camp fees cover daily trips & transportation costs, however there will be an additional fee for the special BIG trip which will occur once a week such as Sesame Place, Movies, State Amusement Parks, Special Lunch Outings like BBQ's, Fridays, Times Square Restaurants, Golden Corral and more, etc. Parents will be made aware of the trip and the Special Price well in advance of the event. All Big Trips must be paid for in Advance.

IMPORTANT Information for Campers

The following list of items are required daily for all our Campers:
1) Casual summer clothing (A CAMP T-SHIRT) must be worn daily
2) Sneakers ONLY, NO sandals or Shoes please !!!
3) A large back pack & Water bottle
4) Rain Coat, a umbrella to fit inside back pack
Please mark all clothing with name tapes of indelible marker (including underwear, socks, towels, bathing suits, etc) We will not be help responsible for any lost articles.


Please freeze water in plastic bottles over night so the children can have cold water to take with them on the trips.


This list consists of items that campers SHOULD NOT BRING TO CAMP
Excessive Money, Radios, Jewelry, Cameras, Expensive, Clothing               Electronic Games.  


Please understand that  a camper brings his/her personal items to camp at his/her own risk. We are NOT responsible for missing personal items. Anything that is brought to camp should be clearly labeled with the Camper's  name.

Day Camp Schedule
Please look over the Day Camp Schedule carefully in reviewing the schedule, please assess whether or not any of the trips seem inappropriate for your child. We have taken great care in arranging these trips please contact us immediately to discuss if there is likely to be a problem. Our Day Camp travel by both the subway and NYC public buses throughout the summer, Travel procedures and guidelines for traveling on both subway and buses will be discussed with the children on the opening day and every Monday during assembly.

Our expectations from ALL campers:

Campers will be expected to listen to directions and guidance given by all Generations staff members. These directions and guidance will include:
*Listening to others
*Respecting others rights
*Staying with group at all times
*Fighting and cursing will not be tolerated!
*Campers must have Fun! (we’ll make sure of that one!)
These are basic rules and are not difficult to follow. If everyone cooperates, camp will operate smoothly and there will be more time for activities and fun.

Please review these rules with your child BEFORE the first day of camp. If a child continually disrupts camp procedures, the parent will be called by the Camp Director and/or Unit Leader. A meeting will be arranged for the child, parent and counselors, if the situation cannot be resolved, the child may be dismissed from camp. This is a last resort and one we do not wish to pursue with any camper.

If a child is sick, he or she should be kept at home, for his/her safety and the safety of other campers.

The Day Camp office should be informed immediately about the nature of any illness. Call the camp before 8:00am on days when your child is ill or will be absent. We need to know where your child is everyday for the child’s own safety and accountability.

Camp Generations, is licensed by the New York Department of Health and is inspected twice yearly.


for more info:

Contact our Day Camp Headquarters at

Generations Day Camp

Brooklyn, NY 11236


917-573-3921 or

917-543-5975 or



Mr. Parker Hunter Dawson

" I Can't wait to come to Camp"

New Camp Sites

1. PS 66

845 E. 96th Street

2. Medgar Evers College

1150 Carroll Street

3. PS 241

    976 President St


 Payment Policy

All Payments are made with Cash & Money Orders ONLY.

All Camp payments are made by Monday of each week, our policy is to allow parents until Tuesday close of business to make their weekly payments. Any payments made after Tuesday will incur a $25. late fee add to your weekly statement. All camp paid fees are non-refundable under any and all circumstances other than cancellation due to camper illness, which must be verified by a physician. No Refunds or “make up days” will be granted.

All fees must be paid in order for campers to continue in our programs.